Meet the team

Our amazing professors are specialized in various ultrasound modalities. Narrow the list based on specialty and/or location to find professors in line with your goals. Click on each professor to learn more.

Professor Specialty Descriptions:

The Consummate Gentlemen: The founders and board of directors for the Ultrasound Leadership Academy. ULA started with a single question, "Why can't we teach the entire world ultrasound?" Now we're putting it to the test. Each of them has his own area of expertise, but they are also the professors most familiar with the program, the equipment, and world domination.

The Imperturbables "Critical Care Geni (that's plural for genius, right?)":These professors pride themselves on caring for the sickest of the sick. They answer tough questions and do it daily, hourly, minutely. If you have questions about critical care ultrasound, echo, volume responsiveness, lung ultrasound, or anything you might find in an ICU, hit these nerds up.

The Numbing Ninjas "Nerve Block Masters": So you wanna block something, anything, everything? If you have a patient with pain somewhere, we guarantee these guys have blocked it. Your patient won't even know what happened after you get finished with them.

The Echo Gurus Feel the need to get down and dirty with some echo nerdiness? Always wanted to know what an E wave and an A wave are? Wish you could impress your friends at cocktail parties with your knowledge of valvular pressure gradients and lifesaving continuity equations? Have no clue what we just said? Then this group is for you. These professors will make you socially dumber while cramming your head full of life-saving cardiac echo expertise.

The MSK Masters Want to hang out with the cool crowd? You know the jocks in high school that were on the football team and got all the great dates. Well, not only do these guys know a lot about bones and joints, they are great general ultrasonographers too. If you have questions about muscle and bone, these are your people. Just, please, no questions about diet plans.

The Generalist Jedi Generalist is not a naughty word. Just because these folks can do a little bit of everything doesn't mean they aren't Jedi masters of everything. If you have some questions about everything or anything, these are the professors for you. They are masters in their field and capable of doing it all. Renaissance men and women.

The Best of Belly Questions about abdominal ultrasound? Want to know how the professionals do it? This man is your key, a radiologist by training and a wizard when it comes to abdominal imaging. The one, the only.

The Rural Rampage Are you in a sticky situation? Providing care without any backup? Maybe the only thing that sits between you and your patient's certain death is an ultrasound machine and a helicopter. If rural applications is your thing and you want to know how to apply ultrasound in the most austere of environments, get in touch with our rural docs who practice everyday on the brink.

The Little Professors "Peds Ultrasound" If you have questions about the little people, some professors are more experienced than others. These professors might be small, but they are big on experience with pediatric ultrasound.

The Professor's Professors These are the best of the best when it comes to teaching the teachers. Each one of these professors has specific experience in developing education programs for medical students, other professors, or anyone they can cram ultrasound knowledge into. If you have questions about setting up a program, drop these people a line.

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Hein Lamprecht, MD, PHD
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David Mackenzie, MD
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